Difference Between Formal Gowns and Semi-Formal Gowns
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Difference Between Formal Gowns and Semi-Formal Gowns

Formal gowns are an important part of any social gathering. They allow the women who wear them to exude beauty, sophistication and style. In fact, they have been a tradition since the 15th century when the wives of the prominent leaders of the day used to wear them to gatherings. The most formal of all the formal gowns is the black gown that is a close adaptation of the Roman gowns. Black is always the basic color and does not need to be followed by other colors, although the length can vary.

In addition to the black, formal gowns, evening gowns have also adopted the basic color, black and embellishments of the evening gowns, but have added accessories like frills and tassels. These formal dresses are usually accompanied with tails and tiaras. The choice of shoes and jewelry has to be according to the figure of the wearer. For formal parties, the jewelry and shoes should be in neutral colors, while for informal parties, these accessories can be in pink, red or yellow.

There is no hard and fast rule about the color of the formal dress code. While some might insist on wearing white, other organizers might demand for colored formal dresses. It has been seen that the classic shade of white was chosen by the rich and famous women for important events, while the women belonging to the lower class do not prefer it. However, many women who want to stand out in the crowd favor colored evening gowns. So if you want to make a style statement, choose a colored formal dress and pair it with the right accessories.

Formal gowns are designed in different styles, lengths and cuts depending upon the purpose of the occasion on which they are worn. Long gowns are often worn on grand occasions like state functions and wedding ceremonies. They enhance the beauty of the lady and add glamor to her personality. Whereas short evening dresses are ideal for social gatherings, these are worn to meet friends and create an atmosphere of fun and joy.

For formal wear during winter, most of the women prefer to wear long gowns made of chiffon, velvet or satin. Black is another popular color, which is preferred by the majority of the women. One can also find a number of options in winter formal dresses in shades of white, pink, blue or grey. Pink, blue and grey shades are considering to be the favorite colors of most of the women. While men mostly prefer semi-formal attire for winter, there are some who like to wear formal as well as semi-formal evening dresses during certain seasons.

In order to get an idea about the range of evening dresses available today, just log on to the websites of different vendors and compare and contrast the prices. The price, however, should not be the only deciding factor for you, as your taste and style should be given prime importance. After all, you would like to choose formal gowns that compliment your personality and add elegance to your look. Hence, always keep the above mentioned points in mind before you make the purchase.

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