Find a Perfect Prom Gown for Your Special Day
Prom Dresses

Find a Perfect Prom Gown for Your Special Day

Prom gowns made of a variety of shades and fabrics are available. Some of them are embellished with rhinestones or pearls; some are plain and barely there; some are halter-topped and strapless. Colors are also varied. You can get prom dresses in ballerina, silk, satin, velvet and crepe. Some are even sequined.

Ballerina-length gowns with lacing up to the ankle are one type of a prom dress that’s popular. They have to be fitted for optimal comfort and length, as well as looking appropriate on any body shape. If you want a longer gown that goes up to your knees, try one that has a full skirt. One of the most popular colors for this length is a light pink that’s slightly darker than average.

Another popular style of prom gowns is two-piece dresses with tulle. Tulle is very lightweight, made of polyester filaments, and looks great. Some gowns have intricate embroideries, others feature a floral pattern with tulle blossoms. Look for gowns in ivory or white colors, with contrasting accents.

Many young ladies who want to wear long sleeves find long sleeves uncomfortable. It’s no wonder they opt for a short train, with which they can make their long sleeves look fabulous. Two-piece prom dresses, with or without the train, can be found in many colors. Black is a popular choice for women planning to attend themed event in an ivory color. Other popular color choices include burgundy, purple and pink.

Long-sleeved, halter-topped dresses with a low-cut neckline are another option for women wanting to look like models on the dance floor. Look for gowns with intricate details like beading around the neckline. If you want to go bold, choose a gown with a unique neckline or a one-shoulder dress. One-shoulder prom gowns can be found in almost every color; choose a brilliant blue or a sparkling magenta color for your big night.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, there are tons of elegant gowns available that are still chic and sexy. Look for long, three-quarter length ball gowns in classic colors like black, red and white. Or go for shorter dresses with lace up fronts in classic colors like magenta or turquoise. If you want to stand out on your big night, choose a gown with a beautiful lace bodice and elegant A-line skirt. Short dresses with beautiful straps or backless bodices will help you look even sexier.

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