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Green Dress Shirts – Joining The Trend

In Joe Wright’s 2021 film adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novel Atonement, much is to be admired. The glittering warmth of a glorious summer day, which turns into the ultimate tragedy. Small moments of romance undoubtedly set against an unforgiving background of World War II. Yet these very small moments represent the heart of what makes Atonement so appealing to both literary fans and film-makers. I have read the first few pages of the novel and while not someone I would go as far as to recommend it to first time readers, it keeps me going back to re-read.

What I love about the character of Jane, the heroine of the story, is that she undergoes a dramatic physical change during the course of the book. We first glimpse of her as a thin, bespectacled young woman who walks down the steps of her church in a modest green dress with gingham awning and wooden leg to accommodate her newly acquired physique. By the time the war breaks out, she has gained sufficient strength and confidence to venture out with her boyfriend to begin an affair with a young bombardier named Briony. Though she remains largely a victim of war’s destruction rather than its devastation’s victors, she does not hesitate to accept a life with dignity and let life’s ordeals take their course.

What attracts me about Jane is her ability to see the good in even the worst of situations. This comes through in her decision to wear a simple green dress despite the privation she suffers at the hands of war. Though she is given a number of hardships by her superior Briony, she chooses to persevere in spite of her physical limitations and is eventually rewarded in both talent and happiness. But what is the key to success in the midst of such suffering? Why does Jane find the strength and confidence to move on even when everyone else around her seems to have lost all hope? What do other people need to teach us to look at the world in a different way?

The key to finding a way to make a difficult situation even easier to deal with resides in the atonement. In the case of Jane, this comes through the color green. The color represents new life and renewal. It atones for past wrongs and atones for the present sorrows. It gives us the courage to look at our difficulties without succumbing to them.

Most important, however, are the psychological meanings attached to certain colors. Black and white are often associated with feelings of nobility and dignity. Green, on the other hand, is strongly connected with feelings of friendship and warmth. The colors green and emerald together make a powerful combination that speaks of harmony and peacefulness in most people’s hearts.

The significance of green dresses to the wearer goes beyond the psychological aspects. Wearing one can create an upbeat atmosphere in the workplace where employees feel confident and happy to be in a groove. In fact, many companies have green dress policies so employees can enjoy wearing them as part of their casual attire. It can be a pivotal moment for an employee who needs to take a step away from his current situation to find peace and relaxation.

Another reason green dress shirts are appropriate is that they are not very expensive. Most companies allow for large dress shirts and comfortable jeans in the workplace. These two basic wardrobe pieces can be dressed up or down to make them unique. For instance, you can wear a t-shirt with a Jean skirt instead of a dress shirt and jeans to a party or to go out on a date.

The fact is that green dresses speak of innocence, fun, and happiness. These colors are great for people who want to project a light-hearted attitude. For people who are looking to add a little humor to their outlook, it would be great to wear a colorful green dress shirt. People like to dress up, so they should look good! A green dress shirt can do just that!

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