The Tradition of Formal Dresses
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The Tradition of Formal Dresses

Formal dresses, formal gowns or full dress is probably the most traditional Western style dress code applied to the most formal events, including weddings, birthdays, confirmations, formal anniversaries, Christmas and Easter celebrations, weddings, bridal showers, as well as some high state dinners. Formal gowns were traditionally white and usually made of satin or silk, although they have evolved over the years to include all different types of materials, including leather, velvet, organza, lace and taffeta. The traditional formal dress includes the gown itself, which can either be a full length or a short one-shoulder type with several other accessories that are worn as adornments.

Formal gowns are generally made from white or ivory silk or satin or sometimes silk and satin brocade. The hemline may vary from two to several inches above the knee, but this depends on the style and material of the dress, which is always at the center of attention. It is also the part that often requires the assistance of a bridesmaid, although the rest of the dress can be worn by the bride herself. However, a very long train is considered as inappropriate for many events, including a wedding, because it gives the impression of being too formal.

Formal gowns are also recognized by the rules of dress codes. Most formal wear are usually not worn for everyday wear and should only be worn on special occasions. This also applies to ladies who are about to give birth, since they will soon be out of diapers and need to be able to perform daily tasks comfortably. Formal dresses should always be a little more fitting than everyday wear. In particular, if the dress is a little longer than the knee, then it is considered formal.

One of the best ways to add some flare to your formal dress is to pair it with the right accessories. Some classic accessories include but are not limited to, pearl earrings, an exquisite jewelry box, as well as a choker necklace and a matching ring. A simple diamond earring set or a matching diamond necklace would also be perfect. As for jewelry, it is usually the choice of the bride whether she would choose to wear jewelry studded on the pendant necklace or on the choker. A matching diamond bracelet or a matching stone on the rings and earrings is also ideal.

On the other hand, it is also important to choose the right type of wedding gown. A traditional wedding dress is usually full or semi-skirt or pants, with a train, and an understated bodice, but a full-length, full skirt is also available for those who prefer something a little more elegant.

While most weddings today are held in churches, the traditional wedding gown is not always the only option, since there are also other venues that offer formal wedding gowns for weddings. There are also various bridal stores that sell formal gowns. The Internet also has an extensive range of different styles and fabrics available for formal wedding dresses, especially if you are planning a more unique look. These stores will offer you a number of styles, which may seem a bit odd but will make your wedding dress more memorable and unique.

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