Tips on Choosing Long Evening Dresses
Evening Gowns

Tips on Choosing Long Evening Dresses

Shop long evening gowns to get a glamorous appearance for your upcoming night out! From delicate necklines to trendy styles that will help give you that extra-special silhouette, long evening dresses have an abundance to offer. From strapless, one shoulder, long sleeve, strapless, to short sleeve long formal dresses ideal for your upcoming party, discover off-shoulder, cap sleeve, front short, and long sleeve long formal gowns to get in style this year. Find elegant long evening gowns in crystal, crystals, gold, silver, and more. Be glamorous for your special night and let your gown do the talking!

Long gowns are often best worn with heels. Many tall women find that wearing long evening dresses with heels can help them appear taller and feel like they have added a few inches to their height. Taller women can also appear slimmer if they choose a scooped neckline or choose dresses that have a longer neckline. You may even want to try a scoop-neckline with a long veil if you feel a little sexy, daring, or gorgeous!

Choose long evening dresses that flatter your figure. Nothing is worse than looking good in a beautiful dress but not having the right height for it. The right length of your dress will help you look sexy, tall, beautiful, and even taller! Short evening dresses do not flatter those with a shorter torso as much as long gowns do. You may not be able to change your height by wearing a short dress, but choosing the right length can enhance your look.

Avoid long gowns that are too long. It is not only unflattering, but it can also make you look exhausted after a few hours. The ideal length of a long evening dress is one inch above your ankle. However, long gowns can be worn with tiaras, headpieces, or long hair extensions for additional height. You should wear a shorter gown to prevent unnecessary stress.

Choose evening dresses in neutral colors. Dark colors are flattering for almost all women, but there are a few exceptions. For example, if you have dark hair, you would be better off choosing light or pale colored gowns. These types of colors are also flattering for many other body types including, but not limited to, taller women.

Your style of clothing will also play an important role in your selection of a long evening dress. A knee length gown looks best with long leg pants, while a floor length wedding gown looks great with tea length skirts. If you choose to wear your hair up, a classic ponytail is the perfect style for wearing evening jewelry with your long gown. The most important thing to remember when selecting an evening dress is to feel comfortable. Most long evening gowns are designed to accentuate your natural beauty, so you don’t have to worry about sticking to the latest fashion trends.

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